Baby Corn

Storage :

  • Keep Cool min 0°C – max 5°C
  • Baby corn will keep well for a few days in a refrigerator.

Quality and Maturity :

  • The color of the pod is yellow or cream.
  • The complete pods will have a sort of roe that is straight, not broken, easy to rot and not too old.
  • The pods must have no marks, no scraps.
  • The pods are fresh and not wither. Not through water immersion
  • Through cutting between the steps and the pods
  • It has a sweet, crispy taste

How to Eat :

  • Baby corn is a cereal grain taken from corn (maize) harvested early while the stalks are still small and immature. It typically is eaten whole – cob included – in contrast to mature corn, whose cob is too tough for human consumption. It is eaten both raw and cooked. Baby corn is common in stir fry dishes.

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