Lemon Grass

Storage :

  • In the shop: min 0°C – max 3°C
  • Ethylene sensitivity: High
  • Ethylene production: None
  • At home: min 0°C – max 3°C and keep in cool storage

Quality and Maturity :

  • Lemon grass is the main raw material for making of various kinds of foods such as, it is tamarind chili paste Spicy Chili Paste, Curry Making, etc.
  • Because lemongrass will help add good smell to food or that product.
  • Moreover, lemon grass is an important as a medicinal plant that nourishes the body because there are many adventage as well

How to Eat :

  • Using lemongrass to make essential oils, mixed with Carrier oil and applied to the skin will help relax the muscles. Cured from cramping.
  • To make a tea, Green apple lemongrass juice
  • To cooked for Thai Dish such as , Tom Yum Kung , Roasted Chicken with Lemongrass, Fresh Lemongrass Shrimp Salad
  • To quench the smell of fish and meat.

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