Long Kong

Storage :

  • 2-3 weeks at 18C, 90% Relative Humidity

Quality and Maturity :

  • Have  creamy yellow skin; smoky white flesh with bitter seeds, sweet with slightly sour taste.
  • fruit skin bears uniform yellow color, no green color blending
  • fruit at the distal end of the bunch is slightly yielding to the touch
  • pedicel intact
  • sound, produce affected by rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for consumption is excluded
  • clean and practically free from visible foreign matter

Preparation Eating and Usage

  • Press Lightly with your fingers to break and open the skin at the stalk point.
  • Separate the fruit in half.
  • Take the flesh out.
  • Do not bite the seed because it is bitter.
  • Eaten fresh

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Loose – Box
3 kgs

Tray – prepared