Storage :

  • 3-5 weeks at 2-5C, 90-95% Relative Humidity. 
  • Do not leave the fruit directly expressed to ambient air because the red rind will turn dark brown rapidly.

Quality and Maturity :

  • Have  bright red skin; white flesh, sweet, slightly sour, and fragrant taste
  • whole pod with peduncle intact, peduncle not longer than 0.5 cm
  • clean and practically free of any visible foreign matter
  • free of cracked pod
  • practically free of damage caused by pest affecting pulp quality

Preparation Eating and Usage

  • Slit the with a knife or using strong thumb-nail around the fruit from end to end.
  •  Remove the skin.
  •  Remove the seed. 
  • Eaten fresh and frozen, made juice, added in desserts and canned lichi.

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Loose – Box

8 kgs

Tray – prepared
300 g