Sweet Tamarind

Storage :

  • It is recommended to kept the fruit in plastics bag at the ambient temperature 
  • Dry ripe pod: 4 months 
  • Dry ripe pulp: 3 months

Quality and Maturity :

  • Have brown shell; soft amd reddish broen flesh, sweet taste, long and curve pod for shape.
  • whole pod with peduncle intact, peduncle not longer than 0.5 cm
  • clean and practically free of any visible foreign matter
  • free of cracked pod
  • practically free of damage caused by pest affecting pulp quality

Preparation Eating and Usage

  • Pick up a sweet tamarind pod.
  •  Crack the pod and remove the shell.
  •  Remove lateral vein fiber from the flesh.
  •  Arrange all sweet tamarind flesh on a plate.
  •  Beware seeds.
  • Eaten fresh

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