Blue River Products Company Limited is committed to overseeing labor practices, Welfare Employment As well as other aspects related To comply with the labor standard on social responsibility (Social Accountability) 


Employees are productive, stable and have good quality of life.


1.“Productivity”refers to employees who have knowledge, skills and abilities to work.

2. “Security” means employees have guarantees that they will have the good opportunity at work, and receive the fair compensation and benefits.

 3. “Good quality of life” means employees are protected by rights to have the stability at Work In order to have a good quality of life.


1. To develop quality of labor with morality, ethics and knowledge.

2. To provide the manpower to be ready and sufficient to meet the needs of the company.

3. To strengthen the labor stability in order to to achieve good quality of life.

4. To develop the organization and labor to be efficiency.