Red Rocket Farm – Red Rocket Family started out as a family activities in Bo Phloi District, Kanchanaburi. The medium size integrated farming system, Mainly for horticulture, fruits and vegetables.

Our Policy and Commitment

We are committed to implementing sustainable farming systems. We care for the environment and the good labor management society, Environment management, Community involvement and build relationship among the community. To educate, share and maintain the religious. 
Our farm are certified to international standards such as GlobalG.A.P, GRASP, LEAF Marque, SMETA.

Introducing to our heart made products, We deliver the deliciousness to our customers.

At our farm we grow Mahachanok mangoes and golden Golden Nam Dok Mai Mangoes. 

Golden Nam Dok Mai Mangoes, When it is fully ripe, the yellow skin becomes darker

The aril will be beautiful golden color. The taste is sweet. Our garden has been praised all along.

Mahachanok Mangoes, The highlight is the large fruit, long shape, delicious taste. When ripe it will have the unique aroma, sweet, dense aril, thick skin , thin seeds, 

This fruit can be helpful to fight diseases like cancer. And It’s also to reduce the risk of heart disease.