Storage :

  • Mature-green and partially-ripe:2-3 weeks at 8-10C,90-95% Relative Humidity 
  • Fully ripe: 1 week at 5-8C,90-95% Relative Humidity.

Quality and Maturity :

  • Have a light green skin and white flesh 
  • Have a taste : crunchy, sweet and slightly sour and shape is globular
  • Whole firm
  • free of rotting or quality deterioration and free of bruises that make it unfit for consumption
  • clean and free of any visible foreign matter

Preparation Eating and Usage

  • Use knife to slice the fruit lengthwise into 4-6 wise.
  •  Slice off the part containing seeds.
  • Eaten fresh, made juice, added in fruit salad, green salad and made guava in brine.

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Loose – Box
3 kgs

Tray – prepared